Sports Innovated

Sports Innovated is an extravert organisation and constantly looking for cooperation and communication with other parties.

We do it different, we innovate. In the way we discover, support and optimise athletes.

We are focused on football, yet. At a later stage we will focus on other sports as well. Our focus is naturally caused by the love of the team for sports and especially football.

Meanwhile a number of clubs in the Netherlands, England, Scotland and Sweden confided in us.

As a player agent we guide an impressive and talented group of football players.

The discovery and promotion of young talents is one of the main objectives of Sports Innovated. Once discovered these highfliers are accommodated with a careful career planning brought to them in an almost familial and carefree atmosphere. This positive work environment is essential for them and is made possible by the way in which the Innovated Sports team is composed and functions.

What we do and what we stand for?

Sports Innovated accompanies athletes. During their active and passive career, in their development at sports, personal and business level.

Sports Innovated invests in athletes. Through knowledge and experience transfer and by bringing money we keep these athletes at the top.

Sports Innovated ensures quality through its team of experts in sports, psychological, commercial, financial, tax and legal matters and their years of experience.

Sports Innovated builds on a strong and comprehensive and constantly evolving international network.

Sports Innovated is personal and assists the athlete on an individual basis also on sporting. We believe that the athlete is in constant development throughout his sporting career.  And also on a personal level because that person should keep up with the evolution of the sporting career. As well as in financial terms because that individual can mean something for the next generation through his financial wealth through his active career.

Sports Innovated accompanies player transfers and advises athletes and players and professional sports organisations.